Burnout in Business and Unfulfilled?

Are you mentally exhausted or burnout?

Is it causing unfulfillment and low cash flow?

Do you not feel like yourself?

If so, then continue to read. Would you like to find more effective ways to handle stress, keep energy all day & communicate effectively?

How about identifying the source of the problem?

3 Steps to Get you to Your Solution to Burnout

1. Assess Your Level of Burnout

2. Burnout Assessment Results

3. Identify The Source of The Burnout Problem

1. Create a Customized Roadmap

2. Develop A Plan

3. Smart Action Steps


1. Execute Burnout Recovery Acceleration System

2. Mental Exhaustion/Burnout Recovery

3. Emotional Control & Intelligence

4. Mindset & Mental Conditioning

5. Healthy Communication

6. Recovery From Failure

7. Compassion Fatigue

8. Confidence Training

9. Strategies for Career Change-Optional

1. Mental Exhaustion/Burnout Recovery

2. Emotional Control & Intelligence

3. Resilience & Agility Emotional

4. Mindset & Mental Conditioning

5. Healthy Communication

6. Recovery From Failure

7. Compassion Fatigue

8. Strategies for Career Change

9. Confidence Training


People Hire Me Because

I am an expert at solving burnout problems (not meeting your goals, not able to focus, low motivation, poor quality of relationships). People hire me because I do one thing and one thing only, support small business owners who are burnout, suffering with mental exhaustion and shame.

Professional Growth Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor

Fix Yourself First to Fix Your Small Business


1. Gain Fulfillment and Get Your Time Back (Break the shackles of calendar burnout)

2. Build and Keep Healthy Relationships First Starting With Yourself Then Those You Love and Serve

3. Enjoy A Lifestyle With The Money You Need From Your Business

What Makes Me Different?

Chantay Golson, LPC is a passionate and purpose driven Speaker, Author, and Consultant. And has lived in your shoes of burnout for 3+ years. As an entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience, I am dedicated to assisting individuals to be resilient to emotional impacts in their personal and professional life. I help individuals Recover from Burnout.

My Why

When I serve, I am fulfilled. I serve to help people be who they are created to be no matter their background or career role. We all deserve to be whole and complete.

We do this by being resilient to emotional impacts in our day as an entrepreneur or business owner. We can’t always stop things from happening, but we can be, self-fulfilled with time and work life balance to make greater impacts on those we serve and love.

My Approach

I believe that the client is the center of the service therefore client centric is my approach to meet their needs using eclectic strategies. Everyone’s needs are different therefore my sensitivity towards their methods of learning are different.

3 virtual individual sessions


12 virtual group sessions



The amount is based on your commitment to learning and applying recommendations, and strategies as well as the consistency of sessions scheduled.

I am a specialist in behavioral and mental health with 3 degrees in psychology. I am an entrepreneur (approaching 10 years), teacher, and mentor with over 20 years of expert experience. And my value propositions aim to support and help small business owners and c-level executives & above as a whole (mind, body, soul, and spirit), not just business.

With 3 simple steps: click “Let’s Talk”, select an available appointment slot and book it, then mark your calendar for the appointment.

We have recharged client’s productivity and personal lives by educating and teaching how to practice resilience in their everyday lives that lead to healthier and happier outcomes in their relationships, their leadership, their business, their network and their net worth. Get started today!

Yes, we provide training to key players in the organization to support and/or to help avoid burnout. Many corporations don’t recognize the effects of high demands on their staff which leads to mental exhaustion thus key players are not performing to their highest potential and that is where we come in.