One day I was in my office, daydreaming and looking at the flickering lamp as I pondered a thought, was this still for me, the struggle of a small business owner…..

I know what it’s like to have multiple types of frustrations in what seemed like a near-death. I’ve counted the cost and paid the price to have something to say including losing well over 6 figures in the process. I envisioned so much time, education, the effort I had put in my business. While not realizing I was starting to undervalue my business which are immediate causes of business failures. And although I kept it all inside, I served well and received multiple compliments daily; but something felt numb, stuck and I slowly started to slip away from my desire to be there for the clients. I suffered from lack of balance. Personal relationships were on hold, not because they weren’t important, but because I was exhausted and disinterested in hearing anything from anyone once I walked out of the work building. I started to show a lack of emotional control (aggressiveness, standoffishness and more). Was I an entrepreneur and suffering from depression or anxiety? No, I was angry! While anger can be considered an upside-down cause of depression, it wasn’t, I evaluated myself. It was heartbreak. It was just like the air was being pumped out of my motivational and energetic balloon that stood still; losing blood daily feeling like death was in my heart. I knew that if I didn’t get my mojo back then problems of my small business would get bigger and more out of control.

I want to share with you how I got to where I am today. I decided that it was either my livelihood and the hard work that would go down the drain or shifting my mindset what I thought I lost (a good relationship) to regaining my inner me again. And Oh boy did I work hard at it for a long time. See before, I decided to take another stance, I suffered silently. As entrepreneurs often times we feel as though we have nowhere to turn for many reasons, our positions, our notoriety, and shame. Who would understand our struggles? Its hard, especially if you don’t have a network of like-minded entrepreneurs around.

The days became mundane like an automation button was pressed in me each and every morning. I would wake up, groom, drove for an hour and a half one way just to sit there and wait on clients, hour after hour to show up (one to one service). I asked myself at what point did this amazing opportunity stop seeming amazing! I mean I put years of study in, racked up multiple student loans for this prestigious career. I was well known, received organic clients without advertisement enough, for the most part, staying busy 5 to 6 days a week until I didn’t. One day it became clear that my zeal ran away, I call it burnt out, crispy. It was as if a cat had to drag me to work every day against my will. I was at risk of business failure (had to close multiple office doors).

Exhausted from the long hours and the travel to ultimately feeling like I was on life support figuratively. As a small business, it’s very easy to wear yourself out due to the multiple hats that you wear. And even though you may have staff to support you the hat still consistently pills on as a result of having to manage the management of each position. I looked up one day to find myself limited in energy, but not following through with the daily operations necessary to follow up with all aspects of the business and so one day my knowledge of what staff was not doing came crashing down as I lost a significant amount of money that others would be in disbelief about, over 6 figures. There were many factors that were inclusive of my lack of motivation including business failure cash flow. Six-figures to hardly any figures at all.

Therefore, I understand the small business owner and leaders struggle to be everything to everyone including working in your business versus working on your business. Hope in rebuilding yourself and your business is realistic. Business failure rates are high but overcoming business failure is possible. Rather it’s from a cash flow problem to a personal development or time management problem, I can help. When I started, I had limited experience in how to watch out for burnout, poor cash flow management, and emotional control. My life changed when I decided to care again and not blame anyone else. I took responsibility and evaluated myself at every stage to identify where I needed help but didn’t get help. Now, you have help’ someone to talk to about your business anxieties, your hardships, your challenges in business which affects your personal wellness.

I am a business coach and I specialize in repurposing your skillset and intellectual property to scale your current business or start a second career with branding and marketing. I will teach you how to skyrocket your business to boost your revenue and build your confidence.

Here is a Hot Tip to get you started

  • Sit down with a writing utensil and paper to evaluate the place, time and/or life event that led you down the path of lack of motivation in your business. (you can use an app, but I find that writing is therapeutic)

o Make sure that you are in a quiet space with no distractions

o If you get emotional, it’s ok, it’s apart of the process

o Finally, be honest with yourself, no matter what.

Coaching acts as a form of development for the business owner or leader from an experienced person called a coach that supports the business owner in achieving their specific business goals which leads to a healthier work-life balance. As a business coach, I will assist in guiding you, the business owner in running a business by helping with clarity of vision of your business and how it fits with your personal goals. Business coaching objectives include helping you to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible and taking your business from where it is presently to where you desire it to be. This can consist of coaching you through key steps to building your brand or best marketing strategies and tools to bring in more customers.

  • Development
  • Guidance
  • education
  • support
  • Mentorship

Leave a comment below and share one difficult conflict you have or had within your business.