Teen Center

Parents often wonder how I am able to connect with their teenager in helping to change behaviors such as attitude and other areas of their life that can assist them to connect deeper with family and friends. Raising teenagers is made up of many parts and can be difficult. Many who are parenting teenagers ask me “why is raising teenagers so hard”. I pride myself on helping teenagers through learning socially acceptable and healthy ways of communicating, focus, attentiveness to responsibilities and academics. Transparency is the key! Parents are close in emotional proximity to their children, often times holding on to disappointments and not understanding how to allow their children to be who they are; rather, not being who you expect them to be because of clouds of judgment. Transparency can be a tool used to connect with your teen. If you want to know how to be transparent with your teen then join me on a parenting teen coaching call.
It is my job to help your teen, aged 13 – 18, be the best that they can be all while dealing with teenage struggles. As a teenager, it’s difficult to deal with peer pressure, bullying, understanding the influences on the television and radio which often leads them uncertainties of who they really are. My job is to help them to connect with their values in order to develop goals and practical applications to move them forward to their destiny. Give us a call today to help your teen be successful!