Career Growth Coaching

Career Coaching is a service that is highly underserved and underused. The context of using career coaching is sometimes conditioned on unemployment versus leading the employee to a higher performance level by cultivating your strong skills efficiently in preparation for the next position. We will focus on the latter. As a Career Performance Coach, I realize that employers don’t, or at least most, prepare their employees with skills necessary to climb the ladder. My Career Coaching Services teaches emotional intelligence to Win:

  • New Clients
  • New Contracts
  • Increase Performance
  • To Positively Stand Out Amongst the Crowd
  • Increase Confidence

Career Coaching Services get rid of the limiting belief and behaviors that stand in the way of promotions, fulfillment and joy in your career.


Often, we stay or work in positions that served us years ago leading us to believe that this is it. Did you know that a person can feel uncomfortable with the discomfort in their career and comfortable at the same time because it’s what they know best? Does this remind you of anyone?

What about the next session and so forth of your life? Don’t you owe it to yourself to pursue purpose and fulfillment?

How do we prepare our Emotional EQ or Emotional Intelligence for the moments that we know we are allowing time to pass?

Complacency is the Enemy of Success

Is it fair to you, your spouse or even your children for you to be complacent and not excited about your career or life?

Self-Satisfaction Matters and is the enemy of Smug which is the meaning behind complacency.

Complacency or dissatisfaction causes pain and pain leads to frustration, poor emotional control like anger or irritation at work and at home. Complacency can also lead to resentment in the workplace and within yourself.

Fear is real and it can lead you to the next level or debilitate you. Your self- esteem functions as a mirror to the clutter in your thoughts, environment, and perspective. This ultimately affects your personal and professional performance leading to “I don’t care” and or burnout.

Listen, if your career is satisfying then I applaud you, but if your career needs redefining then let me show you how to pivot your talents and skills to build a successful and fulfilled career inside or outside of Corporate America.

The choice is yours!                                                                

I will teach you how to focus, concentrate, and or create a new perspective.


By identifying your barriers, assisting with new mindset strategies, learn emotional intelligence, increase focus and concentration on the power moving activities, understanding how to stand out in your area of expertise, rebuild new habits and skills that will skyrocket your career.

Career Coaching Services are for you if:

You are 60-100% bored or dissatisfied with your job

Not challenged nor given the opportunity to share your insights at your job

Have lost the empathy or passion you once had for your clients/customers

Feel unheard or misunderstood at work

Bullied or Mistreated by your boss

And More

Learn to be assertive in the board or meeting room while building self-confidence to pivot your skills and productivity.

Do you want to be the creator of your own happiness?

Take Action!

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