Anger Management

What is anger, it’s the negative expression of displeasure or discomfort due to a trigger. Anger can expand over time even unintentionally (trait anger) or almost immediately (state trait). The big idea comes from the multiple studies over years that suggest that this is an universal feeling or emotion due to a response to a displease. Anger can be masked in so many ways inclusive of harboring it over time (trait anger) until it no longer has the power to be suppressed (held inside). I wonder how successful our relationships, our careers, our parenting, household order, or maybe even our financial IQs would be if we only knew how to manage our moods, that is our anger. We are all human, however the difference between you or someone else may just be the way you manage your mood. Let us show you how through a 12-week court and counseling association approved curriculum.

How we express our anger is very promising to the lifestyle that we have as well as the company we keep, that is, if the anger hasn’t poorly affected your relationships yet. Anger has a way of creeping up on you. How you ask, I’m glad you did. Are you aware that anger causes mental health and physical health problems? Blood pressure elevations, heart attack, stroke, headaches, muscle tension, stiff shoulders, back pain, more receptive to colds/flu and etc. Not to mention, negative thinking, the difficulty in gaining happiness or pleasure, depression, weight gain and more. So would you rather learn to manage it or increase financial and mental hardships? Is it fair to say that you blame others or continuing to pretend as though those around you are the real problem rather than look at the real problem. Let’s face it, it’s better to learn how to manage the anger rather than being alone. No one wants to be alone.
Why should I take this program? Glad you asked, If you:

  • Have multiple days of irritation
  • Have a quality of life that often influences poor judgement landing you in front of a judge
  • Often take your frustrations out on others when you are stressed and overwhelmed
  • Feel like this is the only emotion that you are comfortable with
  • Court ordered or simply want to learn how to manage anger