This beautiful world presents a complete web of life (i.e. we breathe, we drink, we eat, we live our life, etc.), it has many attractive and glorious features amongst those its aesthetic manmade beauty; mankind is one of the most influencer nature of the earth, they with their creative skills have uncovered beauty of nature and reshaped it into their aesthetic colors.

Mankind does not only influence nonhuman things but also have the capability to utilize human beings for the betterment of their world; they work individually or in groups (corporations/organizations/firm) with different ambitions.

Every corporation has some specific goals and objectives and to achieve those they make use of human and nonhuman resources. The human resources can include workers/employees involved in different operations and are supervised by different levels of management (bottom, mid and top), the workforce is a very vital part of an organization that can upraise an organization or can be a cause for a downfall.

The corporation can face different internal and external challenges (that may include: uncertainty about future, financial management, monitoring performance, regulations & compliance, recruiting, technology, exploding data, customer service, maintaining reputation, external competitors etc.) all these aspects can be addressed in a good and controlled manner by utilizing human resources in a properly managed way as a leader.

The Management and workforce both are interdependent and have some mutual expectations from each other (i.e. the workforce expects better values for themselves, on the other hand, Management always wants to utilize workers optimally in order to get maximum benefit.

Employees’ Commitment with the organization reduces their intentions to leave the organization and remain as a part of the organization to work more effectively and with loyalty (Pascal et al, 2011). “If the employees are not committed to the organization due to the behavior of their management then job insecurity, low trust, high stress, and uncertainty will increase in the organization, which have ultimately negative effects on the performance of the organization” as a whole including the employees’ high turnover rate, unbalanced consensus in departments due to lateral moves within the company, lack of trust of their immediate supervisor, confused employees. In other words, employees cannot give their 100% resulting in projections not met, poor morale, poor attendance, productivity suffering and quarterly goals averaging below quota.

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