in losing her private practice, and negatively impacted her relationships.

Armed with her collective knowledge and experiences as a therapist she recovered from burnout, she formed her firm to help others recover from mental fatigue; acquire fresh perspectives on their career or enterprise, and balance their work and personal life.

Chantay Golson International Consulting Firm has its own coaching and consulting programs for individuals or groups to gain satisfaction and fulfillment in business/work and personally.

The Mission and Vision

It is the mission of Chantay Golson International Consulting Firm to help people achieve balance in their business, build professional and personal relationships, as well as to attain the financial goals they want to enjoy their lifestyle. Enjoyment is the key to success both in business and personal life. Our job is to help you find that enjoyment, in running your own business or as an employee, and in living the life that you deserve.

Chantay Golson International Consulting Firm’s vision is to be able to reach more men and women to support them in their recovery from burnout and mental fatigue through programs and sessions.

These sessions are specially designed to give you:

1. Clear perspective of your roadmap

2. Vision and focus on key aspects of your life

3. Be efficient and effective as a leader, boss, or employer

4. Ability to align yourself to a happier and fulfilled life

5. Mindset Shift for Resilience to Emotional Impacts

Chantay Golson International Consulting Firm is a trained professional with three degrees in psychology; a Licensed Counselor; certified by HIPAA; a Certified Anger Management Specialist II, and an award-winning author. She was a recipient of the Luminary Fellowship Award in 2020. Her experience as a therapist, combined with her own experiences, as a business owner enabled Chantay Golson International Consultancy Firm to offer programs that help individuals and groups/businesses to find enthusiasm and get excited again with their business and work, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

“You are professional, down to earth and I am forever thankful!” – A

“The Order of Organization decluttered my frustration.” – S. Palm

“Authentic and real. I am excited again!” – K. Ashe – An executive of a Fortune 500 company

“My sales have increased beyond my goals.” – C. Brown

Let us help you move from your burnout cycle and to recover so that you can fall back in love with your business/leadership again.