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Chantay is the CEO of Purpose Community Therapeutic Services and Purpose Community Therapeutic Services’ Foundation. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Executive Coach, Business Coach and Conflict Resolution Expert for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Managers with more than 15 years of experience. Chantay has guided an extensive list of professionals and business owners to the strategic application of The Shift, for better outcome of work peak performance and personal wellness to boost results of success and personal growth through emotional intelligence. Executives, Managers and CEOs are all human and deal with business life conflicts the same such as corporate anxiety, leadership anxiety, CEOs with anxiety, anxiety in business, depression in business cycle(s) and much more. Chantay brings extensive experience in executive management and knowledge of conflicts that affect the psychological and physiological components of an entrepreneur and leader. She teaches the mechanics of how to do…in order to be an effective leader. She has a reputation as both a leader and an innovator, having worked in state government, non-profit organizations managing service outcomes for federal funding and for-profit private practice firms serving executives and professionals on strategies to Shift to higher productivity and personal and professional success. Chantay understands the frustration, lack of momentum, failing business depression, ceo depression, wanting to give up, and repeated cycles of stagnated revenue, small business owner anxiety, in management and business.   Chantay operates on a basis of integrity and compassion, seeking to understand her client’s passions, barriers and goals to get the best possible peak performance from them. She sees the big picture when it comes to the limitations that cause leaders to have difficulties to get to another level in the business world. She is also adept at picking up on miniature details and incorporating those details into bigger visions and clarity for her clients. Chantay’s discipline moto is “difficulties are challenges, but they are not excuses”. Chantay relates to the difficulties of leadership and understands the daily experiences in corporate, small business and non-profit thereby will teach simple and fast strategies on how to lead effectively as an Executive, Manager, and CEO. Not only lead but connect with passion again to be the best version of yourself. Chantay will take her years of leadership/business conflict experience and deliver actionable steps to move you through transformations and development of management systems for you to follow to improve your business skillsets for preparation to the next level of success. [/author_info] [/author] Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. You have to wear lots of hats, especially when your business has just begun and you are solely taking care of every aspect involved in managing your business.

Think for a moment and make sure you are ready for the job of being an Entrepreneur. This will involve many long days and nights. You will sleep late and wake up early with a full plate in front of you along with managing your business. This is really a full-time job especially if you work alone without anyone else to delegate certain responsibilities that will shorten your daily list.

Being an entrepreneur certainly requires patience. There will be highs and lows on your journey to reach the place you want in your business. There will also be some mistakes made along the way but it will teach you what you don’t need to do next time. There will be times of frustration but you cannot let stop be your way to opt-out because you cannot reach your goal fast enough.

When doing business, we must make wise and unhurried decisions because we want to get results faster. Time can be our friend or our worst enemy.

Entrepreneurs try to master the skills needed to be successful. Patience gives us the ability to work steadily towards our goals. Let your mindset be one of consistency and perseverance, giving up is not an option. Think positive, destroy defeat under your feet.

Your business life is what you yourself invest in. You get results back based on your efforts in building, managing and marketing your brand. Good customer service is a must. Mix and mingle with your potential customers, be informational, not too much and not too little.

In many cases we market ourselves through social media before we even decide to market something we like. This is actually beneficial for you because friends can turn into potential buyers. They are already familiar with your personality which in many cases is a plus when people choose who they can do good business with.

The point is you have to be satisfied with the speed of your business growing until it arrives at the speed you want. When you operate in a non-anxious state, it will be easier to handle your business and that allows you to stick to times of shortages and times of improvement.

Maintaining your own business will present its challenges. You must be prepared to face obstacles and be able to roll with a punch. You must be willing as I said before to remain committed and dedicated and believe in the possibility of beneficial results.

Building a business takes time. Nothing grows to its full potential overnight, it takes months of planning and nurturing and often re-creating your brand until it develops into what you want it to be. Remember to think things through before making hasty decisions that can lead to a setback or collapse of your business.

Remember everything you have invested and how far you have come before you surrender, you may be closer than you think to achieve a breakthrough in reaching your target audience who wants what you sell. This can cause more doors to open up with bigger and better things waiting for you and your business. Have faith and continue to work diligently with humility and patience.

Never try to take too much, plan, take steps at a speed that you can handle without stressing yourself. keep your brand visible so much that it starts attracting people to the point where they will keep coming back to catch a glimpse of what you do and what new things you have to offer.