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I’ll help you to begin improving your mood in 24 hours without medication.

Where stressed adults (18-55) come to gain emotional control

How I Can Help

  • My approach to educating you is to teach you how to change your negative habits and your negative self-beliefs (the story in your head) by self-awareness and proven practical strategies to build healthy daily habits in order to build a new life story (positive self-belief).
  • I guide you in understanding the source and pattern of your thoughts and behaviors that generate anxiety, depression, and stress. Learn to identify triggers to behaviors when they happen and not after the fact that lead to poor responses and regret. Imagine a life of excitement, healthy relationships, and success.
  • And help you manage your challenges and provide support for you to enjoy your life. Laughter, high self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction in your relationships and more can exist in your life again with effort.

I know what you are going through. And you are not alone. There are thousands of men and women who suffer from what some would call mental health concerns like stress, anger, depression, anxiety, grief and more. What better person to help you get out of a rut and guide you to your Peak Performance than a therapist and a personal growth coach that understands the effect of emotional hardships, failure, triumphs and the process of rebuilding self again.

Take the guesswork out of problem-solving to enjoy your life with personal growth coaching. Problem-solving takes effort but can be quite easy to do with a guide to help you increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Learn how to make specific and achievable goals to perform better personally and professionally all while leaving worries behind. When you go through personal growth coaching you get clarity, confidence, emotional intelligence and peace of mind.

Why should other people be the only ones to benefit from good days? Learn to shift your perspective for a greater tomorrow and an exciting future. You can and will personally and professionally grow in every area of your life through emotional intelligence.

A clear understanding of the power that you possess inside will change your story and shift you from who you are to who you want to be. If what you’ve done in the past hasn’t changed anything then reach out today. Find purpose, passion and a New Way of Thinking Feeling and Living.


Welcome To Our Company

Hi, you are not alone and there are thousands of men and women who suffer from what some would call mental health concerns like stress, anger, depression, anxiety, grief and more. These days, given the pressure, it’s easy to fall into, depression or worries about your life. It’s tough to kick these feelings when you don’t know at times where they are coming from and if you do, it’s way too heavy to bear alone. If we do not devote attention to our mental health then it can lead to complications, sadness, hopelessness, weight loss, weight gain, loss of energy, worthless or guilty feelings and so on. That’s where we can help you manage your challenges through Personal Growth Coaching teaching emotional intelligence. We provide support and proven tools for you to enjoy your life again through ecounseling, ecoaching  (online counseling) or sometimes referred to Personal Growth Coaching /Online Coaching.

If what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked then reach out to set an appointment right now to learn about emotional intelligence to stop the pain/discomfort.

Therapy (GA Residents)

Therapy provides a journey of change intended to heal and empower you to make an everlasting difference for your life.

Personal Growth Coach

I get it. Life is hard & business is hard. I help people answer this question, “How can I have a happier & more fulfilling life?”

Career & Business Coaching

Need a change? Not fulfilled on the job. Learn to repurpose your skills or smoothly transition to something you love.

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