What is the fuss all about with EQ?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is another sort of intelligence. It’s all about being “heart smart. This is a separate set of intelligence other than being “book smart.” The evidence says emotional intelligence matters even as much as intellectual power. So when it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence is what will do the trick.

Emotional intelligence empowers you to:

  • build strong relationships
  •  succeed at work
  •  and accomplish your goals.


The skills of emotional intelligence may be acquired throughout life.

You are able to boost your own “EQ”

  • learning how to speedily reduce stress
  • connect to your emotions
  • communicate nonverbally
  • utilize humor
  • and play to deal with challenges.

Not to mention defuse conflicts with confidence and self-assurance. So here is the distinction of Emotional Intelligence and tips to have greater EQ.

Conflict and dissensions are inevitable in relationships. Two individuals
can’t possibly have the same needs, views, and expectations at all times.
But, that needn’t be a bad thing! Settling conflict in healthy, constructive
ways may strengthen trust between individuals. When conflict isn’t
perceived as threatening or arduous, it fosters freedom, creativity, and
safety in relationships.

Remain focused in the present. When we’re not holding on to old hurts and
bitterness, we may recognize the reality of a current situation and view it as
a fresh chance for resolving old feelings about conflicts.

Pick your arguments. Arguments take time and energy, particularly if you
wish to resolve them in a positive way. Consider what is worth arguing
about and what isn’t.

Forgive. If you continue to be hurt or ill-treated, protect yourself. But
another person’s hurtful behavior is in the past, remember that conflict
resolution involves giving up the itch to punish.
End conflicts that can’t be solved. It takes two individuals to keep an
argument going. You may choose to disengage from a conflict, even if you
still differ.

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