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I became a burnout recovery consultant as a result of my personal experience with burnout just four short years ago. I became resentful of my business which led to costly mistakes, poor productivity, and cash flow leaving devastation of closing doors to my business as a therapist in private practice. So now, I'm using my intellectual property to help small business owners gain fulfillment and balance in their business, build healthy relationships personally and professionally as well as enjoy a lifestyle that they want with the money they need from their business.

As an already established business owner, nearly 10 years, I started Chantay Golson International Consulting Firm, less than 2 years ago online by spreading the message of small business owner’s mental exhaustion/burnout and burnout solutions as a result of experiencing burnout myself 4 years ago.

To improve the quality of life for small business owners.

Consulting services to help the small business owner be resilient to emotional impacts in their business and personal life.

This is done through individual and group consultation services, membership, masterclasses, and digital courses.

I am a specialist in behavioral and mental health with 3 degrees in psychology. I am an entrepreneur (approaching 10 years), teacher, and mentor with over 20 years of expert experience. And my value propositions aim to support and help small business owners as a whole (mind, body, soul, and spirit), not just business.