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Many people have fear of being successful.

Many people have fear of being successful. In one way or another, they find it hard to move past the epidemic of conflict whether it’s being stagnated, limited in resources or lack of accountability. No one succeeds on their own thus, a community is necessary to grow and succeed. In customers’ eyes, they only want to feel connected to a product or community that removes them from their personal or professional conflict. They want to feel that a purchase is comfortably beneficial to move freely in their minds for fostering a positive self image (success) and to leave a legacy for the next generation presently here or to come. The future involves business models, our need to belong, to be connected and to be validated (praised/admired). Your product must combine products with relationships.

The CEO and the manager are most likely the same person. Creating a culture of customer/client success in which belonging is real and the professional relationship means something; community. Reaching your clients/customers, customer success.

Take Amazon for example, they are striving for the perfect innovation for their prime membership (ground delivery to drone delivery). So why not ask your customers/clients, current or potential, what they want; and ask how you can make my life easier with your service or product. When you consistently produce, this will give them reason to continue to engage with you/your business. Being out of the ordinary translates into getting out of the ordinary success. So remember social first (customer centered) and forecast (innovation).


Often referred to as a voice of reason in helping others to learn a “New Way of Thinking, Feeling and Living”tm. Chantay will teach strategies on how to lead effectively, first beginning with the Entrepreneur and Leader’s business cognitive conflict experiences. And deliver actionable steps for follow up to accelerate and improve the entrepreneur and leader’s internal and external conflicts Shifting the state of business skills and the mindset for increase in revenue. In the Business IQ Coaching Program, Chantay and her team will work closely with you if:

You Feel frustrated in your business
Not receiving the perceived benefits of being an entrepreneur/leader
Poor organization and management of time
Loss of passion and burnout
Feel alone
Sacrificing your livelihood to save your business
Low energy, but don’t want to give up”

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