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What is emotional intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence?

At work, you don’t have the ties of love to motivate you to get along with others as you do at home. You don’t have the benefit of a shared history to help you understand what moves those around you. That makes it all the more important that you have a way to tune in to what those that you work with need right here, right now. You already have that facility – its active awareness and the empathy that flows from it. Using those elements of your EQ can help achieve success and solve problems on the job. Office politics, morale problems, and lack of cooperation don’t have to ruin your work life if you can read and respond to people’s feelings.

Learn Business Before Doing Business

Learn Business Before Doing Business

In many cases we market ourselves through social media before we even decide to market something we like. This is actually beneficial for you because friends can turn into potential buyers. They are already familiar with your personality which in many cases is a plus when people choose who they can do good business with….

” The World’s Leader In Business Failure Recovery”

” The World’s Leader In Business Failure Recovery”

Have you lost motivation in the very business that you built up so hard with blood, sweat, and tears?

Do you suffer from bank account fatigue robbing peter to pay paul every month?

Are you exhausted, confused, discouraged about your business progress and wish desperately to find a way out?

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