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About Us

Chantay’s Journey to Success

Chantay is the CEO of Chantay Golson International., Purpose Community Therapeutic Services and Purpose Community Therapeutic Services’ Foundation. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Success Building Coach and Conflict Resolution Expert for Entrepreneurs and Leaders with more than 15 years of experience. Chantay has guided an extensive list of professionals and business owners on strategic application of The Shift, for better outcome of business and personal clarity for greater results of success and wealth.

Chantay brings extensive experience in management and knowledge of conflicts that affect the psychological and physiological components of an entrepreneur and leader. She has a reputation as both a leader and an innovator, having worked in state government, non-profit organizations managing service outcomes for federal funding, an educator, public speaker, behavioral/mental health public and private practice provider. In addition, she is currently serving executives on strategies to Shift to higher success. Chantay can relate to entrepreneurs and leader struggle and frustration in business, lack of momentum, wanting to give up, burnout and repeated cycles of stagnated revenue.

Chantay operates on a basis of integrity and compassion, seeking to understand her clients to get the best possible performances from them. She sees the big picture when it comes to the business world, but she is also adept at picking up on miniature details and incorporating those details into bigger visions for her clients. Chantay’s discipline motto is “difficulties are challenges but they are not excuses”.

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