Real Change Happens When You Fix Yourself In Order To Achieve Success

Productivity is the combination of valuable resources like energy, time management, and motivation. If you don’t manage these factors properly, you probably find yourself struggling to achieve your appointments and tasks.

Fix Yourself First In Order To Achieve Success

1. Be Happy Again

2. Gain Fulfillment & Balance in your relationships…

3. Enjoy A Lifestyle you DESERVE.

As an Executive Coach, we do one thing and one thing only, support professionals who are burnt out and suffering from stress, mental exhaustion, and poor productivity.

An Executive Coach’s job is to make sure you are a better executive or business owner.

I do this by helping you to gain greater emotional intelligence to get unstuck, create a clear roadmap, and skyrocket productivity to increase your leadership performance or bottom line. This is within reach with an executive coach. You deserve an organization or a business that you trust to take care of you.

Chantay Golson, LPC

Coach, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, & Author

3 Steps to Get you to your Solution to Stress Burnout:

1. Assess Your Level of Stress Burnout.

2. Create a Customized Roadmap.

3. Execute Stress Burnout Recovery Acceleration System

The Simple 3 Step System that Allowed Me to Increase Revenue by 250% in 30 Days

Without Working More Hours or HIRING Staff

1. Click the “Let’s Talk” Button”.

2. Schedule a Time and Day.

3. Mark Your Calendars “And That’s It!”

What's At Stake If You Don't Take Action? It Gets Worse!

1. Frustration Will Get More Intense

2. More Distractions/Poor Concentration/Lack of Focus

3. Always Tired

4. Poor Work Followup

5. Poor Relationships (with self & others)

6. Battle Anxiety or Depression

7. Lose of Earning Potential (Struggle To Meet Operations Requirements Monthly)

8. Compassion Fatigue

9. Poor Productivity

10. More Time Lost

11. Rob Peter To Pay Paul To Pay Your Personal Bills (small business owners)

12. Illness (Headache, Muscle Tension, Insomnia, Digestive Problems, Anxiety, Heart attack, Stroke or etc)

13. Lose Your Career

14. Loose Direction 

Purpose Community Therapeutic Services

Break the shackles of calendar burnout, toxic work environment & unhealthy relationships to feel EMPOWERED. Get Executive Coaching Today & Gain…

1. Bulls-Eye Focus

2. Stress Management Tools

3. Clarity, Confidence, and Fulfillment

4. Clear Values & Professional Alignment

5. Business or Leadership Road Map

6. Personal Growth Formula

7. Support and Accountability

8. Mindset Shift to Maximize Position

9. Emotional Intelligence

10. Increased Earning Potential

11. Change your career and make money the way you want with purpose.

With Chantay Golson & Associates Coaching and Consulting Firm the process is painless and convenient.

1. You’re the one in charge of your goals.

2. On-time scheduled sessions

3. Exclusive Custom Stress Burnout Recovery Plan (personal growth roadmap and career/business formula)

4. Covid-19 Safe through secure video or phone services for peace of mind.

5. Unbiased private conversation with An Exclusive Executive Coach/ Consultant

6. Accountability

7. Services to suit your needs

8. Your fee is set before the service not after

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